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Get Noticed! …Try third-party endorsement, say’s Judy!

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Getting your company, product or service noticed and talked about by customers and increasing sales really doesn’t mean spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on an advertising campaign. Sometimes the greatest customer buzz costs nothing at all.

I know that third-party endorsements are one of the best ways you can achieve interest in your business without spending a lot of, or even any, money. Expensive advertising campaigns, no matter how exciting, do not guarantee your success. Third party endorsements don’t require the same overhead and pose much less of a financial risk. While you may not get national interest, you can generate buzz, build your clientele and increase your profits.

The media can be a powerful partner in helping you build your business. Third-party coverage from reputable media outlets is viewed as an objective, credible endorsement.

For example … You see an ad for a new local Indian take-away restaurant; it claims to have the best curries in the area. It catches your interest, but then again every restaurant ad says they have the best food and menus. Then you read an article by the local newspaper restaurant reviewer who raves about the choice and quality, deeming it the best he’s ever had.

Which is going to really convince you to try that restaurant? Chances are the restaurant review is going to give you the push you need. Third-party endorsements – whether by the media, a local organisation or a prominent member of your community – give your product or service the validation for which customers often look.  I’m happy to report that my company, PRimage, has helped many local companies and start-ups gain the buzz they need for their products.  Contact me to find out more ….


I love social media!

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Blogging is fun! … My PRimage company website has a blog home page for my occasional work musings and comments on topical news items. Healthcare and politics are favourite blogging topics for me … plus a few personal musings.

I’m also a big fan of Twitter – and every day I try to post a couple of work and personal tweets.  I also find LinkedIn a great site for business networking – if you haven’t used it yet, you should!  I use Facebook to keep up to date with my friends and family — it’s great to chat to my friends across the pond and hear their news. I also have a business Facebook page – PRimage – Get Noticed!

You can find out more about my love of social media by clicking on the following links:

Follow Me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/JVPRimage

Check my profile on Linkedin: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/primage1

Floored by ‘Flu!

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I’ve been laid low by the dreaded Swine Flu for the past 6 days … not feeling a happy PR person! Haven’t felt this poorly for a very long time – but today I am managing to get out my lappy and do some work … from bed! The joys of being your own boss means that deadlines have to be met – but it least you can work from home in your PJs :))

Love this cartoon!