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Tips from PRimage VIP Events: The 5 ‘musts’ for successful event planning

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Our years of experience in organising successful and impactful client events has made PRimage pretty sassy in understanding what’s needed for successful pre and post planning.

Before planning your event or meeting, Judy Viitanen and the team advise that you focus on these 5 core points:

1.      Why are we meeting;

2.      What do we want to accomplish;

3.      Who’s coming;

4.      Where are we going;

5.      When will we meet?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you get off to a good start!

More Tips:

Always ensure a thorough venue site visit before you book. Be sure to inspect the function rooms and amenities.  See if you can meet key staff while you’re there, including the sales manager or Meeting Director.

Become familiar with your chosen venue’s facilities and the capabilities of its staff. And choose a venue partner you can trust to guide your decisions accordingly.

Be clear whether spouses and children are welcome at your meeting or event. If they are invited to join in the occasion, be sure to have activities for them and extra rooms lined up.

One week before your event, confirm your meeting schedule, number of attendees, room set-up, AV needs, meal and reception schedules, travel logistics and overnight accommodation requirements.

Don’t underestimate the importance of attractive and informative event and meeting literature and marketing collateral. Clearly organized, well-designed folders, programmes, binders, directional signs and ID badges reinforce the importance of the meeting.

Take a break

It’s also crucial to keep attendees’ attention at meetings. We have discovered the useful tip of developing themes for meeting breaks. A morning break, for instance, could be a health break, with healthy snacks and a stretching session led by a professional.

In our experience, meetings and seminar should not go longer than 2 hours without a break, or attendees will get restless, or worse still bored!

Location, location – and timing is everything!

This is crucial. Consider a few key points when choosing your event location: geography, accessibility for attendees, budget, amenities, facilities and nearby attractions. After all, you want attendees to enjoy themselves at your meeting, and travel with relative ease.

Logistics and robust schedules are vital. Determine the arrival time for most of your guests so you, as event co-ordinator and the venue staff are properly prepared.

If you’re inviting speakers to your meeting, ask them if they have a preference for room set-up. Some may prefer theatre seating; some may like roundtable. It depends on what they have to say and how they like to say it.

At PRimage VIP Events we plan events that are creative and dynamic. We deliver on time and on budget.

PRimage VIP Events Team

The team’s experience and skill set ensures that events are turned around on tight timescales and delivered to an exacting standard, on time and on budget. For added-value, our team also includes the services of a professional photographer, florist, stylist, DJ and video producer.

We provide an outsourced option – or can work as an extension to your own team.

PRimage VIP Events ensure your events exceed expectations

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